Canyonimages (67)Captured with the selfie on a digital camera
She hears rushing waters lost in silence,
crushing through the canyon vastness
where caught is, by chance, the perfect shot
of a bald eagle serenity flight
in its out of reach elegant ease
while spinning the limits of a high-up line
as it is the last sigh
on a wilderness path
carved with mines of the unknown CCC worker;
CCCimages (67)She still remembers his youth and immortal muscular strength
followed by the breakneck fall,
and his dried grape eyes while dying on her breasts.
She had given herself to heal and nurture,
but in a moment She has become so foreign, forever lost,
buried in stones of hidden, secret, stories
through which people force
CCC2generals3desires to own each counted day one mountain’s peak
stamped with the great seal;
they follow their daily vacation sports routine to bike & hike,
or lose themselves on a cutting edge of vicious blind curves
with sport-cars on high mountain roads and routs;
so, at the end, She asks,
who’s to challenge the eagle baldness–
the old “womanizer,” who favored
turkeys over bald eagles?
11836926_700904313374037_4504814011522704181_nGabble, gabble, drabble of the aged Amazonian
on a path catching up with the adventurous
hike-up of a too young son?
Sweaty runners with their stop-watch on wrists
breaking records of their set times
that never existed at the first place?
Or CEO/MD handled perfect career middle man,
known to be passionate “free time” bikers
breaking the kale and spinach pie limits
to crush off the final line
while they bust the CV page with one more championship
sprinkled with non-alcoholic spirits
and silent doubts crossing their minds
when they choose in the last resort restaurant
offering the late buffet meal
constrained with the closing hours
‘Salad? No! Salad and pasta with meat-balls! Av, No.
I know, salad, spinach pasta, and soy-meat balls!?’
She sees the bald eagle and a far off retreat of hearts;
Hopes her love flies so high
so it can plunge down the canyon and freely sigh
all over rainbow tinted the Grand Pennsylvania canyon gorge
CCC3images (67)and cascade of life falls;
Gabble, gabble, drabble
Don’t push and cause any trouble
For a new human species awakes
To challenge what it takes
Even unknown paths
That spell words in synonyms written in math–
the equation of a total rapid avalanche whispering death
in awaiting. All over again, the great seal of She, The Grapes of Wrath

The End

images (66)Civilian Conservation Cops:

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