tumblr_lwf5jb3U4Y1qkoqwi“Danse avec moi dans le ciel de nuit.”

Taurus beckoned to Pisces
cold wind through the ears whispered
the flames that would become their dance floor.
Taurus, touch the glossy, wet fin
of the two tailed fish.
Violet auras radiate from the sun
become blind by the starry fire.

Dance the dance
of Orchids hanging
in the hanging gardens, they fly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe horned one tastes the wine
of stars and sees the herculean tale
shaded by blue leaves, little spider woman
sleeps at the feet of the bull and the fish.

Their icy toes flame her hearth.
Bridges form gateways
to the tree of truth that only eyes can see.
caterpillars_waltz_nebula_by_fangfingers-d332mnrThe broken red string of fate
knows no boundary between beating cores.

White hairs
form mountains on bull’s back.
Pisces calls this home.
Let the gardens hang from your breath.

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