This movie rhymes with my thoughts,
Brave acts make a difference….
…love heals
compassion annihilates all suffering….

Legendary British film director Sir Ridley Scott and The Phillips Corporation, launched a global film-making contest for aspiring directors.
The film could be no longer than three minutes, contain only 6 lines of narrative, and be a compelling story.
The winner was “Porcelain Unicorn,” from American director Keegan Wilcox.
It’s a story of the lifetimes of two people (1930 – 1945) who are totally opposite, yet, very much the same – all told in less than 3 minutes.

Thanks to Larisa for sending this movie and note to me before a month ago. It is good to have a good guru mantras with you all the time….

It is ok to cry….

Nature Wonders with Mozart's "Lacrimosa"

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