CatFriendship (1)between blog and Facebook posts, spotted by the old friend,
in a tick all my daily roles wrapped in color flags flipped blank, white;
surprise followed by the swarm of feverish emails–now we are all, the three of us, the women of our times–bag of phone numbers, time-zone conversions, beeps, long-distance calls, all crushing to the skype to catch years of lost times and see that dear friendship smile broadcasted on the internet sky–I say, “Oh, she’s so cute, your little daughter, looks just like you!”
She says, “Oh, my! Your ten year old tricked me! He looks the same as his big brother!”

…. sudden hurls of eager talk interruptions
374515_10201004006081738_313778319_nsounded like melody touches missed for years,
youth ring of stories filled with end-notes tasted salty on dry lips,
and long series of censored scenes fired bursts of teary edge laughter—
nothing compares to the thirst of the found lonely castaways:
small talks caught in the net of exclusive links
old fish tales flap shook a far gone dingy,
943102_125345024335831_872727978_nStuck between fish bone words clenched in the throat
memories scalped to the pale skin pores
Open sea of thoughts with no words
reached us all spaced on the same horizon
cornered to the ridge of a rising crest wave–
The very tipping point we face
before we can feel pebbles beneath feet
the shores refuge
303484_10151497698668673_192920306_nand turn away from years of defeat;
we the outcast of our lost rosary places and stormy times

I couldn’t have attached a better song….. Susanne Vega

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