Reading Minds II:  Wings of the Dialectic Rose

Malevich's Black CrossimagesI.

The World Ash Tree roots secret words beneath the musty humus Earth’s soil
where draped sweet pith verses await for windflowers to paint new world–
now it’s time to plough parchments, arc illuminated manuscripts, recite golden anemones
and honey the future serendipities Spring coil;
for after all sacrificial blood turns tasteless,
the brute zombie will seek something new and restless.
Now, your books full of nectar are still stumped with blanks in reading minds
and twirled with snaked glossolalia flames
rotting the upcoming Rose change under the weight of gray
 Laibach montage Iron Sky
where the Twilight of Gods knit death-ray
crushing the gentle white fabric blossoms
with a taste of a spiraling cadence beat
Rose Wings: The New Revolution Wings leading the plot to the tragic heroine death
and street mob red rage edge of change.

It is hard to watch the free forest flower
grow into the asphalt trapped tulip absent of fragrance
Left to shortly spread petals to the shadowed sun
in the hedged parks of fenced silence;
but just before the bud sinks into the darkest dot dusk
Albino Humming Bird--Never to Catch and dives into the night
Rose your true wings color
for this is the only unfinished poem worth to write,
The only fadeless life to live as the final act on the page,
the only monologue that ruptures silence,
and brings the blooming Rose from crossroads to the last center-stage.
The new revolution is summoned behind the bravest writer’s shield
Between those lustrous, lucid dreams without the carnival mask rite
Armored with the cosmic mirror–the shadow companion, and the alter-ego light–
Which turns to stone
all façade of frauds stamped with lies and envelops of secrets sealed……

Laibach the avant-garde music group, using as their title “Laibach” ironically, which refers to the name of the main city of Ljubljana, Slovenia in German during the Austro-Hungarian empire signifying the oppressive characteristics of the WesMalevich Red Wedgetern European views on Southern Slavic countries.

Montazstroy, the experimental theater project, Zagreb, Croatia, inspired by the powerful experience of the break up of the socialism system, war in former Yugoslavia, specifically Croatia, and era called “post communism.”  “Montazstroj” and “Laibarch”; both are inspired  by the visual arts and avant-garde work of the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich:


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