Dark edged dead-end is foggy veiled crossing
to the the crawl-space of the silent dull-witted summer night,
where suddenly the lost code bursts in letters and numbers
so that the archane inscription erodes
washing away far backyard sturdy shores
and I know you wonder upon sudden unlocked binary doors
still, nothing really helps,
because I am just stubbornly the same–
cracking ends of the very millennium old encryption
with no further success,
but, with the continuous self-publishing distinction,
circling in smaller and smaller rounds all over;
now everything seems to be so distant
from the old tilia, chestnut, and French oak tree pollen opiate alley path
where you walk alone leaping whilst taking the next breath
between the Tower Lotrščak and one hundred steps of a deep fall
capturing in a slow motion every of my thoughts
whilst the full moonlight sweetly blooms
and touches frontal lobes with long memory beams
extending the borders over my heart
and stretching the encrypted star lyrics too damn tart.

The Noble Lord of the Glembays–Movie Highlights!

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