First snow comes with claustrophobic swarm of thoughts;
earlier I read a book and suddenly recognized I’ve have known that character.
Have I lived someone else’s life?
I desperately wanted an orange,
but on the counter found only a plastic replica.
Later, watched TV for some time and noticed sulfate plumes spreading everywhere.
Rushing from that smell I heard rare singing birds falling from the sky.
The whole day white monotony blizzard lingered over the broadcast tilted, artificial sky.
Walking away from this odd day
I stepped on the occasional night cork-screw spinning down spiral stairs,
slipping for a moment into a plasma pseudonym.
Faith hurts when it crashes; the leap is huge….
Over the whole body splintering aches linger,
while high frequency pitch keep it up with a ringing constant in the tympanic membrane.
Short northern lights flush spreads the unbearable stink of treason.
Just when ready to move after the fall
I hear the deception plague knocking tonight at distant neighbor’s door.
They are to leave tomorrow.
Outside, the snow storm hurls radiation flakes.
Up and up again.
Cold headache sweat kept pushing against the rotten mirrored sky,
from far, microwave beams pined me down one more time.
Ghastly mirror image from the corner glares in the dark.
On the edge of real found myself face to face with my hologram;
clad in lymph-knots amorphous mask.
At the day brink we crossed to the other side.
Here the true sky mirrored happiness and a smile;
Orange sun ripened full in noon warmth,
everything stood as it was, no shadows:
Brave acts make a difference,
love heals,
compassion annihilates suffering,
sincerity leads to all hearts,
and benevolence crosses all borders.
I see rare singing birds fly to die.
(December 4, 2011)



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