Listen Vila’s muttered whisper, a nymph’s jeremiad
Of these South Slavic lands and her Slavic spirit of lost dryad
once known as a sweet maiden of epic kings, a traveling mate
that paved their voyages and sealed them with fate
of poets who carved epics and lament dirges that still shivers
in shrikes over ravines, mountains, forests, streams, and rivers.
She used to walk free waiting for a nude call of nature.
But she walks with you now, her feet muddy, body caged
with a razor-wire fence, heart pierced with children’s cry, soul waged,
owned by the new, terrific and dark times of the Angel of History
hoovering over her braided hair, covered in silky lace of alien destiny.
Listen, she is always beside you, and speaks,
“Get up, walk, my son, don’t give up
It’s time to face fog and dull dawn
And fight with every bit of strength against freezing rain
That butchers your weak body and mind
with the ricochet off euthanized hopes.
It’s not time to weaken more and let go,
Don’t be eaten by worms of despairs,
You are broken on edges with aches in bones
Slipping nights under shattered
vows of wide open wounded sky,
on a bad of sliding mud
where morning breaks in raged words and fever,
But you still have to get up and cross,
The end of journey will come
With a surprising moment of rest,
Where you’ll lay down,
And I’ll spread the shadow
of a banding plum tree over your eyes,
to tuck you in a jasmine dream which silence
suddenly breaks into a high Levant noon
propagated in a million cicada jitters
where you’ll surrender to a future;
resting again in mother’s hands and sister’s hug.
I’ll be with you in these godforsaken, foreign lands,
Walk with you as I walked for centuries
With covered head, bowed,
a stranger, prisoner, and looked at as filth with no future
But I know every corner
And I’ll feed you a sweet marrow fruit sap
to bring you back;
I’ll cross every boarder with you my child,
they are power specters, but feign
a mark of the war art with sorrow rhyme
a wager’s omen of our darkened time;
the Angel of History reign.”
Let stones crack, let Earth quake
let tempest roar…

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