Prairie Home Companionimages (5)YKYAT in the Tweeter slang means “You Know You are Addicted To,” which means I am addicted to the “Prairie Home Companion” humor. Since this is the last show before the upcoming winter break, I will need to go “Cold Turkey” for several upcoming Saturdays and Sundays.  Hope I will not try to compensate and write some skits on my own….

This time Garrison Keillor’s show  broadcast from The Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul, MN, offers the variety of skits that are hard not to share on the blog. Here are short descriptions of available skripts: Garrison Keillor and Paula Poundstone discuss slang among young people today–“4ever!” the abstract artist Bob explains his “throw art” and talks about search for new dimensions, one more “Mom” call, “4ever,” and the skit about the sleep, how to ease woman’s mind, and the new mattress. I grade the last skit with my Not Sure “NTever” rating.   Have fun!


twitter-art-nails-hands-e1341946931195I am establishing the slang list of skit ratings for the Prairie Home Companion with the Tweet twirling twists:

  1. “4ever” = four stars skit
  2. “NTever” = Not Sure Ever, means the skit is smarter than what I can do considering I am “Not Sure”–an average.
  3. ZOMG, expression from the Tweeter, short, OMG to the max.

Abstract Artist Bob’s “Throw Art” and search for new dimensions, “4ever!”

images (5)Well, after my short essay about “Mom’s Red Flag Call” inspired by Keillor’s “Mom” skits, my mom finally moved to Skype now using the cell phone, because she couldn’t ever connect all pieces of technology together–the camera, the mike, and the computer. At first I couldn’t see her, but my brother helped mom, about, three times so she could click and push right buttons. “Mom you cannot forget these major directions all the time! I am teaching you how to Skype now for three years! Ok it didn’t work via the computer, but now it’s on your cell phone! Just push the button” I heard my brother commenting from the kitchen.

Now, when my mom sees me it’s easier, although she commented, “Why are you touching your hair all the time?!  Hope you are NOT doing this when you lecture in the school. You are NOT doing this at the school, right? Anyway, you should do something modern about your hair,some highlights, and some modern haircut. No one uses ribbons any more! See some new haircut styles from Hollywood! You are in America?! How about to do highlights like Kate Beckinsale, or Emma Roberts?” Pause. “You have never heard of the most popular actresses? Where do you live honey? What do you do in your free time?” Really. It’s true,  I have never heard of these actresses, but after “MOM”s” Skype small talks I’ve made an attempt to see suggested hairstyles. So it goes…..

The last mom’s question followed, “So, did Kim and Archie finish the solar furnace? This seems such a good plan!”

“No, no, not yet. We bought and collected lots of pipes, now we have to find the old computer fan, the special bolts, two dryers hoses, not only one (!). Mom,  the plaxi-glass costs over hundred dollars, so we gave up on this project for now. Archie and Kim really couldn’t finish the project at this time.” I sighed. Mom’s silence felt like a big question coming back, “Just pay the electric bill honey, the solar-furnace seems lots of trouble. Isn’t it? You are not behind the bills?”

“Well, depends which way you interpret.” Mom jumped, “There is no interpretation about the bills and expenses. I do not know, you work and work and work, and what is a problem to buy this ‘whatever’ glass?” I answered with a slight frustration, “Well, it is too expensive! Kim wanted to build the solar furnace for 50$. We already spent more than that! Fifty dollars for a project doesn’t seem to be the right estimate!” Mom sunk into her thoughts and said, “I don’t know….. Well, try to build this solar furnace, this might help, Kim is right, and Archie could learn a lot from this project.” I paused a little bit surprised, “It might be a project for the next year mom!” Mom passionately responded, “You are such a low spirit! Wake up! It’s about time! Get that special glass and be done with the project!”

So it goes, as I say…..

Anyway, here is this week “Mom” call and how to do life:


“Sleep,” what to do to ease and change your mind. Rating, “NTever” and ZOMG [OMG to the max]:


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