onto the head of all dancing flute delusions
to breathe fire.
Break the circle
Alex Grey "Holy Fire" (Kundalini)until spherical margins burst
and serpent’s spiral strings lilt
braided with cherry buds and honey bees
while footprints lead to the fragrance
of awakening floral crowns
and meridian of tremors.

A hermit thought springs
sprouting the crystal seeds,
flowering iris blossom,
moving a warm, gentle, fondling gust
and spreading the lotus petals
before the downcast warbling eyes.

Tuning the four channeled rays
the pinnacle vortex
spins into the inert emptiness
ascending weightless aired light
Reach out
to touch the spine of all time dimensions
and leap in disparity of voided thoughts and actions;
let them fraction through infinite space;
For the future poet will hear, know, and trace
lost bits of one’s dream paired with cold-sweat intensity
not knowing it leads to one of many lost beginnings–
wild verses riding on winged horse constellation
falling of the trembling saddle
to kick with the mace of creation
the long trail of the old sea serpent’s tale
written in hypergraphyc union of rhymes free to skyraddle.



First published February 18, 2012. The third stanza re-written May 22, 2015.

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